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About Inez Singletary
Many Moons was started in Los Angeles in 1979.  Since that time, Inez has given accurate, high quality astrological readings and classes.  She also teaches life skills workshops and often includes crafts as a way of grounding the lessons, calling the objects, "first manifestation". She trained intensely in occult (meaning hidden) psychology and the mysteries via 20+ years of  studying  Qabalah. 

 Inez has written meditations and interpretations on the new and full moons for more than 25 years. They have appeared in Aspects magazine as well as her own Many Moons and Lunations newsletters. She has great confidence in astrology as a reflecting medium that allows a glimpse of universal order amidst life’s seeming chaos.

Inez also teaches  with the aim of training  people to  make the new social order by focusing on the changes to be made within themselves. 

Inez says that she intends to teach and use astrology for peace, calling the art and science “an inner compass to negotiate the world without.”

In 2008, Vision Carriers Press published Inez Singletary’s first book, Making What Your Means Can’t Buy. It shows how to have a meaningful life even when resources appear limited. Inez has also published in the American Astrologer Magazine.