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New Moon
June 13, 2018
22 Gemini 48’

Self Knowledge is Supreme Power

“The ego can’t reflect upon itself unless it has a mirror against which to read itself. That 
mirror would be the mythological schedule that lets it (eg0) know where it is. It is a mirror 
with a schedule on it. It is a patterned mirror.” – Joseph Campbell

Astrology helps us observe this “mirror with a schedule on it.” The Sun 
represents the ego and the Moon acts as a mirror that lets you know who you think 
you are and what chance you’ve got, via your moods. We have the symbols of the
 mythological patterns of the gods and goddesses in the stories told by the planets and asteroids that unfold their drama upon the wheel. When we compare the planetary events with our own lives here on earth, we can get glimpses of the schedule and how congruent we are with it.

When we see our uncomfortable or discordant lives mirrored in the planetswe get some hints of how to make the adjustments that lend themselves to life improvement as we cultivate our own reality. We can’t see in the mirror of the planets without owning what is mirrored in our life. This new moon is the on the schedule of mirroring that can be disowned, but not ignored.

I have always viewed the best use of astrology to be not, tell what will happen, but mirror to me what is happening that I might make better of it. Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge is supreme power. Power is the gift you give yourself by recognizing it in your life as the Source and Ground of being. You got the power.

Gemini represents the mirrored mind. The human mind, or intellect, is dual, represented by the man and woman in The Lovers Tarot Key ascribed to Gemini. Gemini represents both conscious and subconscious mind. The first figure in the Lovers key is the archangel Raphael, above and between the two minds, whose name is, “God, the Healer.” Recently I read that it also means, “God Healed,” meaning that we are still in the garden under grace, having never entered a state of sin, having only entered this earth world and fallen asleep. That is not the story that we operate under, so we are tranced by our personal disconnect that only we can reconnect.


This New Moon in the sign of mind is a good time to quiet the mind and listen to the water of feeling and intuition. If you have a decision to make, try allowing your feelings to weigh in because the overall feel of the chart is active water, the sign Cancer. There is a planet or asteroid in each of the water signs, making a grand trine or ease of that which flows. Pallas-Athene, Wisdom, is in Cancer. There is wisdom in your gut. It connects to Jupiter, Wheel, in Scorpio. Expansion turns on desire that is not checked by the stagnation of old stories and reactions. Wisdom is also connected to Neptune, Sea of Love, in Pisces. Wisdom is in rushing water. Fortune is in still waters that run deep. Love is in the sea of tranquility and is the Universal Solvent that dissolves obstruction and solves problems.

Listen first. How do you feel? Don’t answer this in words. Let your feelings speak to you. Be ready with pencil and paper if words come. Words that come from your silence will be tailored to you from the well of your heart which is The Heart, the Central Ego of the Tree of Life, The Sun.

Art: Guidance by Charlene Cambridge